Sambassadeur: Subtle Changes

SambassadeurWhile combing for music through the do-it-yourself online DJ website, Blip.FM I came across a great artist recommended by sudaca70, a fellow site user who is from Argentina. Several tracks were blipped (or streamed) that night and I quickly found myself enraptured by the sounds of the Swedish group Sambassadeur, subsequently exploring tracks over the next few days from their 2008 release, Migration.

Migration is a collection of neo-pop classics, taking their influence at times from iconic underground sounds (such as Yo La Tengo, GoBetweens, Velvets), mixing them together to create a modern – day Swedish – pop classic.   Migration includes the acclaimed singles (Subtle Changes, The Park), and a glorious cover version of the Dennis Wilson’s morose classic “Fallin’ in Love”.

Sambassadeur is from Gothenburg, and apparently named after the Serge Gainsbourg song, Les Sambassadeurs.  This track, Subtle Changes really seemed to strike a chord and keep causing me to think of certain parts of the urgent main theme from the movie Das Boot.

Thanks for listening, and make sure to drop by Blip.FM.  You can catch me there as irsocal.


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“Subtle Changes” (mp3)
from “Migration”
(Creeping Bent Organisation)

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