Valery Gore: Shoes of Glass

From her just released (04 Nov 2008) album “Avalanche to Wandering Bear”

Valery Gore returns with her self-produced sophomore album, Avalanche To Wandering Bear. Her debut on Do Right Music, it’s the record she’s wanted to make since she began writing songs, a waif whispering lost tunes in the basement so those above ground couldn’t hear.

Avalanche To Wandering Bear is borne of stubborn restlessness. The curiosity, trepidation, and victory of discovery are wrapped in a heavy dose of danceable rhythms, soul, and humour. With its tumbled lyrics, unconventional arrangements, and progressive piano, Avalanche sets the mood for a bold audio journey.

The album features a handful of singles; Shoes of Glass has lush vocals harmonies and a steady 1950’s momentum.



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“Shoes of Glass” (mp3)
from “Avalanche to Wandering Bear”
(Do Right! Music)

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