The Pragmatic: Circles

The PragmaticFrom St. Louis but with some Portuguese roots, The Pragmatic fuse their love of analog synthesizers into a electro-blitz of new wave that really needs to be seen in their live show to be fully appreciated (see attached video). Their sound comes straight out of an experimental sonic petri dish, basically how the band got its start. You can tell that many of their ideas likely come from this arena and made their way into the studio recording after an inspired live jam session.

The Pragmatic is working on a series of digital singles that will be released on the and are also currently writing new material and planning a US tour for the spring of 2009.

You can pick up Circles on their website in EIGHT! different forms, entirely for free as a direct download, torrent, or rapidshare file.  Now, go give them some electro-love.  [cs]


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