The Mountain Movers: Last Chance for Summer

From New Haven, CT, this is from their recently released album “Let’s Open Up the Chest”

Dan Greene of The Butterflies of Love started The Mountain Movers with New Haven friends to make more records. They have put out two full-length releases on Safety Meeting Records in New Haven: We’ve Walked in Hell (2006) and Let’s Open Up the Chest (2008) which was recorded on 2 inch tape at Seaside Studio in Brooklyn. They also have a picture disc split vinyl 7 inch of the hit Fate’s On Your Side. The first record was released in 2006 throughout the U.K. and Europe by Fortuna Pop records in London. In addition to supporting Let’s Open Up the Chest, they are hard at work on multiple recordings, which will be released in the near future. Live, they move from a 3 piece to a 6 piece, sometimes quiet, sometimes loud, but always dynamic, romantic, hypnotic, and entertaining. [MySpace]

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The Mountain Movers
“Last Chance for Summer” (mp3)
from “Let’s Open Up the Chest”
(Safety Meeting Records)

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