Melvins: Nude With Boots

MelvinsPraised by several notable rock luminaries who came after them, the prolific Melvins are back with a new album, Nude With Boots, released in July 2008.

The Melvins were originally formed as a hardcore punk band in the early 80s, but their experimentation quickly rehoned their sound into a sludgy metal mix that really helped formulate the sound in the Seattle grunge scenes in the early 90s. At one point Kurt Cobain, who was a huge fan of the Melvins, auditioned for the band, but did not make it as his fanboy nervousness caused him to forget all the songs. This is apparently just one of many remarkable connections during and after this period.

The Melvins have really delivered with their most recent, which you can pick up at e-music, itunes, or interpunk.


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