The Silent Years: Black Hole

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The Silent YearsHistory has shown us that occasionally there are people born in the same time and place whose collective existence seems more than coincidental. The Silent Years as a band name explicates the dynamics of the band before they could even speak. You see, Josh Epstein, Jonathan & Jeremy Edwards and Pat Michalak grew up in the same small neighborhood in suburban Detroit .

During nursery school, their teachers were constantly scolding Jeremy for banging on tables and chairs. Jonathan, although quiet and reserved, spent all of his time sneaking into the music room and playing every instrument he could find. Patrick was seldom interested in what the teachers were talking about, and could be found attaching strings to the top of the swing set and recording what are now recognized as his first bass lines on to a cassette boom box. Josh was the real troublemaker of the class, always jumping on tables and singing into a pencil as the teachers rushed him off to the principal’s office.

The boys eventually went their separate ways in pursuit of specified knowledge. Josh went away to study poetry and literature, Patrick studied audio engineering, and Jon and Jeremy pursued music. But each one of them had the group’s best interest in mind, and returned to assemble The Silent Years. These core members of the band create a unique and refined brand of melodic indie rock through their overwhelmingly powerful live performances. The band is often joined by various multi instrumentalists and anticipated guest appearances that keep their fans in eager anticipation.

Throughout the band’s long and complex history, there is a collective understanding that the journey has only just begun… [ioda]

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