The High Water Marks: Polar

The High Water MarksEarlier this afternoon I took on the task to look up past members of an incredible band called Stick Figures that existed once upon a time at my alma matter, Cal State Northridge in the early 90s. I knew two of the talented players went to the extraordinary Bay Area band Oranger, but noticed the drummer branched off to join a separate band in 2004.

The High Water Marks is Jim Lindsay’s new Lexington, Kentucky based home and he couldn’t have picked a better choice. The group includes members of Apples in Stereo (Hilary Sidnie) as well as Palermo (Per Ole Bratset) and Von Hemmling (Mike Snowden), and they released their debut album Songs About the Ocean in ’04 on Eenie Meenie Records.

HWM is back with a new album, well….. new enough dammit! It came out in late 2007 and takes its name from this track, Polar, released on Happy Birthday to Me Records. You can pick it up at any of the stores listed below.  [cs]


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PolarThe High Water Marks
“Polar” (mp3)
from “Polar”
(Happy Happy Birthday to Me Records)

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