Jessie Grace: L.O.V.E.

Jessie GraceOxford/London songwriter Jessie Grace fell out of a universe made by a freak accident, a collision of atoms and fusion of stardust, fell into England, eagerly enjoyed a dysfunctional childhood in deepest dark Buckinghamshire, a somewhat damp gingerbread stylee cottage for a home, filled with love rows and music in equal measure.

Jessie is currently recording her debut album (that she wrote the majority of) with Dave Draper. It is set to be released in early 2009, and she is also collaborating with Deco on a mix of “Puppet Girl”

We discovered Jessie Grace on (basically a style format for musicians) where she is currently giving away two new singles and would appreciate some maximum bumpage. You can find her there and at her social profile.


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