Takka Takka: We Feel Safer at Night

Takka Takka

Takka Takka has a new album out called Migration on Ernest Jenning Record Co. Instead of firing up songs from that release, we are going to first introduce you to these New York based musicians by heading back to their 2007 release, where you will find one of my favorites. The track is We Feel Safer At Night from the album of the same name.

For those who have to have the newest pop culture releases, you might be interested in buying the new Takka Takka track Fever on the Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist soundtrack along with Vampire Weekend, Band of Horses, Bishop Allen and many more.   The movie has already made its money back as of its first weekend out here in the US, so all box office coming their way in the next few weeks is gravy for the studio and especially the musicians on the soundtrack.

You can find We Feel Safer at Night at e-music, as well as iTunes.


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TAKKA TAKKA’s NEWEST VIDEO – “SILENCE” (Directed by Amy Finkel)