Cruiserweight: Balboa

BIG BOLD LETTERS, Cruiserweight‘s new album arrives October 7th on Doghouse Records and we couldn’t be happier!   One of their new tracks, Balboa, was released recently on Cruiserweight Rocks the Moon along with a cover of American Girl, but will also be on the new BBL full length now available for pre-order at iTunes.

We managed to catch up to Cruiserweight in their hometown of Austin, TX in March and it was one of the most frenetic shows of the SXSW festival this year, right up there with Firewater and The English Beat. I snapped the attached picture at The Rio, a small window into their energetic world, although for the full experience I’d recommend catching them on their current tour. It will take them all over the county starting in Dallas this evening, Sept 30th and I really hope this eventually includes California as well … will travel.    [cs]


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