Insomnia Radio #159: FU Robot

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Insomnia Radio #159: FU RobotThe year is obviously 2008, not 2005 as the evil announcer at the show header describes. Yes, as you will quickly notice, there is some sort of robotic, computer, and videogame nerdery meshed together unseamlessly in this episode, gladly supplied by this uber-geek.

Seriously, we’ve got some great tracks and a few appearances by DJ’s from last month’s New Media Expo in Las Vegas, not to mention two artists have blood and sun in their names; what are the chances, and could that be an ominous sign? Enjoy and as usual, please help support all the hard-working artists below.

TRT – 50:38
Not work safe!

*Ugress: Decepticons (intro clip)
10) Sun Like Blood: The Fury
9) The Truegoods: Revel the Rebel
8 ) Hot Bitch Arsenal: Fade In, Fade Out
7) Still Time: Stream of Consciousness
6) Lowry: Roads
5) Dawn Chorus: I’m Cured!
4) Deastro: Michael, The Lone Archer of the North Shore
3) Lejeune: Replaced by Robots
2) Sentinel: Skylark
1) Blood Red Sun: So It Goes
0) Pro Audio: FU Robot

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Dave’s Lounge
Most People Are DJ’s
Association of Music Podcasting
Soundbed: Wyatt Gurp, 8 bit bEtty
Robot Attack! image by Dan Coulter (adapted under CC license: Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Generic)