Wonkavision: O Ímpar Perfeito

WonkavisionThe international special of the day is indie power-pop from Brazil, heavy on the moog and sweet audio butter, primarily influenced by such bands such as The Rentals, Cardigans, and Weezer. Wonkavision sings half their songs in Brazilian Portuguese and the other half in English, fluctuating vocal duties between bandmates Will and Manu.

Their first release, Wonkavision received a national award in Brazil for best indie rock album in 2004, and in 2007 they signed to the Tokyo based label PowerPop Academy, releasing an English version of that album in Japan.

Currently they are not touring as Manu and Will have moved to London this year to get their masters degrees, but to make up for it The Wonkas have been releasing a single a month through their MySpace and at least one other online social site. Their main hope is to be able to put these singles together into a full length release by years end.

The Portuguese album can be purchase via their official website, while the one in English can be purchased on iTunes. There are lots of free tracks at Last.FM and their English MySpace as well, although I’m not 100% sure if this song, O Ímpar Perfeito, has been translated over from its native tongue quite yet. [cs]


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