The Wedding Present: Don’t Take Me Home Until I’m Drunk

The Wedding Present - El ReyThree years have passed since seminal UK group The Wedding Present released their last full length masterpiece Take Fountain, after an eight year lull. They are back with the Steve Albini produced El Rey, written by lead singer David Gedge while living in Los Angeles. You can see area mentions on this release to Santa Ana Winds, Hollywood Blvd, Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica Blvd and La Brea.

I was first turned onto The Wedding Present in ’91 when their Albini produced album Seamonsters came out, and was happy to hear they were returning to his production wizardy for ‘El Rey’. tWP played at the Troubadour this last Friday night and I was able to attend with the person who first introduced me to their sound, seventeen years after the fact – a nice reunion of sorts.

The track Dont Take Me Home Until I’m Drunk continues the band’s highlighting of cracked relationships and disappointment with bittersweet abandon. You can pick the track up here through IODA or the entire album over at iTunes.  [cs]


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El ReyThe Wedding Present
“Don’t Take Me Home Until I’m Drunk” (mp3)
from “El Rey”

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