Human Cycle: Reflexo (passo a passo)

Taken from their album Lead the Way, this is the latest single from Portugese band Human Cycle.

Human Cycle began their cultural and musical performance in the year 2004. Influenced by different styles of musical and cultural matrix, the members of the group found in the heart of the band, a balance between rock with a touch of soul (soul rock) and electronic rhythms. Lyrics are key elements in the life of the group, since the different social, cultural and philosophical realities in which we are living, are revealed through their texts. The songs of Human Cycle expose a variety of social and philosophical issues that concern people and society in general. After many concerts in several stages and the commitment over the last 2 years, the outcome has arrived and the third record of the band will be [was] released under the name “Lead the Way”. [Myspace]

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