Built for the Sea: Hypnotist

Built for the SeaHypnotist, the second track off Built for the Sea’s debut self-titled album was released in November of 2006.  It invitingly appeals for one to jump into the lush ethereal dream-pop world seemingly created effortlessly by this San Francisco based indie rock five piece.

BFTS actually have a new EP (Mise en Scene) that is officially releasing on 18th up in San Francisco at Slim’s, but since this is an introduction to the network, lets dip into the earlier material first.

You may recognize Long Beach rooted singer Lia Rose (as pictured from her March show in Austin at Bourbon Rocks) from the band Minipop, whom we played about a week ago. She amicably parted ways with the group a while back and carefully recruited a group of musicians including Rum Diary’s Daniel McKenzie on bass, the Aimless Never Miss’ Jon Latimer on guitar, and drummer Erik Kuhn of Silian Rail.

You can pick up the self titled album and this track at itunes and cdbaby.  [cs]


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