Ezra Thomas: Galveston

Ezra ThomasFrom Dallas Texas, comes a well crafted folk-rock styled pop song from Ezra Thomas which I first heard a little over a year ago. I was reminded of the track when Ike’s swirling eye changed trajectory this evening straight toward the low-lying community of Galveston, not a pretty way to be recollectively associated but…

The song Galveston is taken from Ezra Thomas’ 2005 release, Promise Land, and is a proclamation of lost love.  As far as band members, Ezra Vancil and Aaron Thomas have been playing music together for over ten years. “Ezra Thomas” was their evil scheme to be a band but still retain the flexibility of a solo artist. The group is rounded out by Matt Talbert on electric guitar.

Promise Land is now available at CD Baby, e-music, and itunes. [cs]


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