The Unbearables: The Let Go

“We’re going to be releasing an EP on Sept 11. It’s called “Autonomy vs. Shame,” and it’ll be the first in a 3-part series. We’ll be releasing its companions in February and May of 2009, with a new full-length emerging in July of that year.”

“We are a collective of nine people striving to save the world through sheer musical geekery. Founded in 2005 and picking up people ever since, the Unbearables will rawk you harder than you’ve ever been rawked by a band involving woodwinds and a glockenspiel.”

Band members

  • Josh Crochet – Drums
  • Marshall Escamilla – Vocals/Guitars
  • Heather Pharr – Vocals
  • Harrison Speck – Bass
  • Ian LeClair – Farfisa/Noise
  • Amber Nepodal – Trumpet/Clarinet/Sax/Vocals
  • Eva Mueller – Vocals/Moog;
  • Becky Thompson – Vocals/Flautist Extraordinaire
  • Caitlyn Berry – Vocals/Percussion

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