Patty Hurst Shifter: Life is Mostly Waiting

Patty Hurst ShifterBringing us a great blend of American rock ala The Replacements, Raleigh North Carolina based, Patty Hurst Shifter released this song, “Life is Mostly Waiting” on their Fugitive Glue EP in 2007. Its supposedly the first in a series of three EPs that lets the band stay productive and keep releasing songs in small bursts, which will give them some nice breathing room creatively.

I was hidden amongst the crowd at the PHS gig in Austin this year at South by Southwest, where they played the Dirty Dog Bar, a venue with more of a raw feel to it. This picture was among a few that I snapped that evening before rushing to the next nearest performing group on my wish list.  Good times.

You can pick up the Fugitive Glue EP directly from the band at their website. [cs]


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