Experimental Aircraft: Upper East Side

Experimental AircraftExperimental Aircraft was formed in October 1997 in Austin, Texas. Two years after formation, the band produced and released their self-titled debut in 1999 on sleepy bunny records (a fictitious local label). In March of 2000 the album was picked up by California based Devil in the Woods Records and repressed with slightly new artwork. ExAir’s sophomore effort was also recorded and produced by the band, released in October of 2002 on Rollerderby Records, run by Rachel Staggs from the band. [last.fm]

Fast foward six years later to February of this year and Experimental Aircraft’s 3rd long-awaited album ‘Third Transmission’ was released almost at double-length, clocking in at fifteen tracks.

‘Upper East Side’ is a gorgeous six minute piece of art that recalls the unique vocal delivery of Rick Ocasek (The Cars). In this case its the talented T.J. O’Leary and beautiful backgrounds of Rachel Staggs along with the excellent drumming of Jason Ferguson and thundering basswork of Mark Smith. The timing of the drums, guitars, vocals comes together meticulously in a tight-knit multi-layered sound, taking this album to another level, and it all starts to happen right at take-off.

This experimental flight clocks in a bit over six minutes, easily one of the best so far this year. [cs]


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Third TransmissionExperimental Aircraft
“Upper East Side” (mp3)
from “Third Transmission”
(Graveface Records)

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