War Tapes: Dreaming of You

“Heart Quaking Doom-Pop, from California”

“In just a few short years, War Tapes have become a staple of the local scene, with the band playing everything from Hollywood dance nights to South L.A. loft parties. In between charming hipsters with their self-proclaimed (via MySpace) “heart-quaking doom-pop,” the band have been courting the gothabilly crowd with dates opening for Tiger Army. War Tapes’ appearance at F Yeah Fest precedes the September release of a self-titled EP fueled by guitar-heavy tunes that are morose in that mid-1980s KROQ way. Standout lines from the release include “All day long, I sit and communicate with the dead corpse that I call my girlfriend” (from “She Lied”). That should be enough reason to see this band.”
– Liz Ohanesian- LA WEEKLY

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