Winterun: Heavy Rain


Below the shallows of mainstream music there lies an alternative scene running rich and deep. Having spent the last five years building a strong clan within this healthy community in Australia and abroad, Winterun now lure you Into The Underground.

 Following on from the success of The Full Effect (2004) and Welcome To… (2006), Winterun have captured their live energy with album number three. Into The Underground sounds like a truckload of logs set loose down a mountainside. It’s a rolling blend of infectious heavy rock – chockfull of chunky riffs, grooves and stomp.

Into The Underground was recorded by Neil Thomason at Head Gap Studios (Magic Dirt, The Slits, Batrider) and mixed/mastered by Paul Fox (Deftones, Dirty Three, Nation Blue). The album was tracked onto two inch tape, giving it a thick analogue sound – adding extra depth to Winterun’s heavy grooves.


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