Bell Hollow: Copper Crayon

Bell HollowNew York four-piece Bell Hollow has crafted a dark, lush, and somewhat wistful ten song masterpiece in their newest release ‘Foxgloves’. The song we are featuring today, ‘Copper Crayon’, immediately lures the listener down into a dark yet enticingly romantic environ, conjuring up images of a seemingly cultist noir flavored tale of gothic lust.

Jangly guitar flits throughout the song, eventually exploding into successive distorted waves of surf slumber, and ultimately bringing to mind the drifting guitar textures of our two favorite bands from neighboring Pennyslvania, The Ocean Blue and Riverside.

Released November 2007 on five03 Records, the debut full-length ‘Foxgloves’ debuted at #166 on the CMJ charts and ‘Copper Crayon’ was featured earlier on our Detroit show with host Les Zaldor.

You can pick up Foxgloves at e-music, iTunes or directly from the label. [cs]


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