Blood Red Sun: All at Once

Blood Red SunSince we’re not getting enough of the constant Sugar flowing from Bob Mould’s Minneapolis & now Washington based cookie jar, we’ve decided to forage further to the east and break the lock off the overstocked New York musical pantry, bringing you a somewhat similar sounding and striking selection off the 2007 release by NY musical protagonists, Blood Red Sun.

BRS let out a blast of inspirational rock that transcends what’s currently on the radio waves with ‘All at Once’, from their 2007 release A Nation of Saviors on Thought Crime Records. Like neighboring New Jersey’s The Milwaukees, Blood Red Sun are the torchbearers of an intelligent and solid sound movement we hope breaks some of the grip that mass media has on keeping quality new music at bay.

You can purchase the tracks from A Nation of Saviors at CDBaby or iTunes. [cs]