Finest Dearest: Your Hometown

Finest DearestIn early summer of 2004, San Francisco’s Finest Dearest began practicing in a basement bedroom, hashing out concepts and ideas. After a series of musical chairs in the lineup, the band emerged with a bolder, more confident sound as showcased on their new self-titled, full length album released in April 2008 on Bloodtown Records.

Finest Dearest announced a few weeks ago that they were heading to Different Fur Studios in San Francisco to record a just-for-fun split with their pals, Empty Rooms.  They are recording two songs each, after which FD will look at touring a bit outside the Bay Area.

Finest Dearest is Carly Schneider (vocals), Steven Treffers (drums), Christine Bolghand and Josh Luke (guitars), and AJ Dickerson (bass).


Finest Dearest
“Your Hometown” (mp3)
from “Finest Dearest”
(Bloodtown Records)

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