Cactus’s: Tiny Teeth

As a three-piece band with a progressive metal drummer, a post punk guitarist, and a thrash rock bassist and with song names as bizarre as Perverted Shark and Where is My Skeleton, Cactus’s self proclaimed style of Tropical Punk is actually something fresh and different in rock.

With influences ranging from XTC and The Pixies to Converge, Cactus’s offer
an intense and lyrically smart brand of music that can reach to the musically inclined as well as the musically blind. The three have been playing together for only a year but this isn’t the Cactus’s first rodeo. All three members are from prior regional and national touring acts.
Armed with their EP Tropical Terror, Cactus’s embark on a month long tour this July and will be performing with Panache across the Northeast from Nashville to New York to Toronto and beyond. This outstanding band must be seen and heard and you can help by adding them to your

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