El Ten Eleven: I Like Van Halen Because My Sister Says They Are Cool

El Ten ElevenWe’ve decoded a recent El Ten Eleven instrumental transmission here in Los Angeles and it seems to be ushering in a new album release:

“El Ten Eleven’s third album, “These Promises Are Being Videotaped,” is out now!

You can buy a physical copy or get a download of the record at ete’s website:


It will be available in a few weeks at all the usual outlets like iTunes, Amazon, Amoeba, etc. But because you are super special you get first dibs! For those of you who are audiofiles, FLAC files will be coming soon as well.”

For those of you in the Southern California area, ete will be opening for Pinback in Costa Mesa on July 31. Tickets are available here:


We recommend getting your tickets early as this will likely sell out.