Way to Go, Einstein: Walk Through Fire

Way to Go EinsteinFrom one of my favorite regions in Canada – Way to Go Einstein hails from Vancouver, British Columbia and we apparently enjoy saying their name so much as it doubles as a nice age-old method to convey epic failure to someone.

On the flipside of the meaning, Einstein has a successful sound that jumps a lot of musical pandoric trees ala Sigur Rós, Jump Little Children, Coldplay, and seems to have a slight shoegaze element that you’d possibly find layered in an Ulrich Schnauss collaboration. While navigating this musical obstacle course, they still remain grounded with their own unique vision for the artwork which takes it forward in some very interesting directions and to promising heights.

A few months ago they had the privledge of having Kevin McDonald (Kids in the Hall) announce one of their shows, testing new material and crushing heads. We’ve included an extra highlight video below if you’d like to experience some of that night for yourselves.

You can support Way to Go, Einstein through iTunes and can also pick up a physical copy of their debut album, ‘Hide and Seek Champion’ over at CDBaby. [cs]