Nico Stai: You Came Around

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Nico Stai @ The RoxyFrom Los Angeles, CA – Nico Stai has just released his newest four song EP, Dead Pony, a precursor to his second full length album coming to us all in the near future, undoubtably after this quality new teaser runs its course.

When talking to Nico outside the confines of a venue experience, its hard to determine where exactly Nico’s mild accent originates from, it being only palpably recognizable outside his singing. Apparently Nico is originally from Spain and like many artists worldwide has witnessed firsthand the trepidation of major labels backing out on project commitments. His former project Tinpaco had the unfortunate experience of being shisted by the Euro branch of the WB.

Nico quickly moved forward from this trying experience on his own and started assembling tracks which reflected on the trying times following this period. You can hear a lot of the reflections in the beautiful time capsule he released as his first album, Park Los Angeles. Nico has since moved forward a bit from the stripped down sound on that album and has been playing quite a bit with a full band, definitely a natural step forward in the progression of his newest soundscape.

“You Came Around” is my personal favorite on Nico’s new EP, Dead Pony, and a natural selection for todays Daily Dose. You can pick up the new EP at CD Baby or for around $4 on iTunes [cs]

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