Joshua Lanes: Dance Thunder

Dance Thunder“Everybody wants to be known” – Dance Thunder

Roiling guitarplay reminiscent of audible traits from the punk-grunge lineage of choice Seattle groups like Treepeople and Nirvana has boiled out of Long Beach’s underground melting pot via the indie trio Joshua Lanes, striking us with their scalding wave of inherent sonic prowess and ultimate sound reformation. While listening to Dance Thunder we envision skateboarding through the urban jungle… an undeniably epic song along the lines of the driving Naked Raygun tune, “The Grind” or Sonic Youth’s “100%”.

The newest addition to the musical arsenal of Joshua Lanes is The Dance Thunder EP, a follow-up to the recent “Insert at Rib” full length released on Spillway Records, a label named after a drainage ditch in the High Desert (used for skating once upon a time).

The Dance Thunder EP just dropped at the beginning of July and is now available on CDBaby and at iTunes. [cs]