Pro Audio: Sean, We Were Uncool

Pro AudioMake the Happiness Stop!

After a lengthy hiatus, PRO AUDIO has returned with new life. Still co-fronted by John Hoelle on bass and Jason “Fish” Fischer on guitar and piano, the indestructible line-up now includes sexy multi-instrumentalist Bri Dellinger on oboe and organ as well as prog-rock rhythm maestro Paul Withers on drums. Somewhere out in a field beyond idealism and cynicism, PRO AUDIO are crafting their latest opus “Make the Happiness Stop!” – an album that won’t be ignored even in a sea of ten million Myspace music pages.

Standing on the shoulders of They Might be Giants, Beck, Weezer, and Ben Folds, PRO AUDIO continues to tailor-make futuristic, highly-digestible melodies with humorous, pop-smart lyrics for hipsters and hippies, nerds and frat boys, critics and casual listeners, and anyone out there who may find himself or herself in need of new music that stands out from the rest.


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