Search/Rescue: Fireflies

Search/Rescue Live @ Spiro\'s (SXSW \'08)Happy Independent’s Day.

Today we bring you a glowing nugget from the new, yet fire-tested Seattle, Washington group Search/Rescue. The song is entitled Fireflies from S/R’s debut 10 song CD, “The Compound”, released in late February – right before their March performance in Austin, Texas.

I managed to catch them at Spiro’s and was lucky enough to have a great vantage point up near the stage-front to soak up most of their performance (see attached picture). Thankfully the crowd wasn’t too packed as they didn’t have a bunch of Vampire hipsters swarming the venue. A familiar face whom I helped judge a music event with here in LA walked though the doors halfway in which really cast a surreal air over most of the set.

Search/Rescue was formed from the ashes of Gatsby’s American Dream and Acceptance, and subsequently reforged into this brand new promising project. They are apparently the first clients announced under the new Eyeball Management roster.

Their album “The Compound” is available on iTunes.  Go treat yourself! [cs]