OrtzRoka: Planets

OrtzRokaAnd now for a head-trip around the planetary systems.

From the UK, experimental electronic duo OrtzRoka has been recently described as ‘half mental techno, half down tempo mint and water’ by Fluokids. I have no earthly idea what that really means although it sounds like a sobering glass of water to the face at the end of a mildly eye glazing headphone session on the summer patio.

OrtzRoka cut their teeth DJing, and creating remixes for more established artists such as Simian Mobile Disco, Bloc Party, and Peter, Bjorn & John. They spent several months at the end of last year practicing live sets and working on some tracks for a demo album which you can preview three other tracks from on MySpace (another favorite is “Big City”). PLANETS slowly submerses itself into the nodes of the brain, its alien beats battling back and forth like the creeping ink in the video you are about to witness.

To fully appreciate the track PLANETS you really need to view the accompanying video. It was directed by Dan Lowe of Partizan Films, who was nominated for Best New Director at the 2007 CAD Music Video Awards. It’s definitely my pick for best video of the year to date. It’ll blow your mind.

Thanks to Scarlett for bringing this to our attention! [cs]