King Vidor: Goodbye Tuesday


King Vidor was formed in 2006 by poet-fist fighter Clem Coleman in Cherry Valley, NY, an enclave of hippy dreams put to pasture. Debut Album “Dirty Little Millionaire” was released in 2007, a collection of folky pop songs recorded with the assorted talents of Cherry Valley’s ample musical visionaries. Many were invited to participate, and many did. Dirty Little Millionaire was the “singer-songwriter” record. Next, Clem assembed the cream of the Upstate music talent, punx and gobis alike, for a tour and second record. King Vidor established itself on the Empire State Tour of ’08 as an unpredictable live show, sometimes gentle and breezy with sweet melodies aloft, other times loud and violent with prisma-color distortion and hectic songs spinning out of control. Friends and fans alike didn’t know whether to expect Nick Drake or Cheap Trick. Now settling in for the recording of a second album, King Vidor is sifting through dozens of demos and myriad ideas trying to figure out what to do in the future as it fast approaches.

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