Katharine Hepburn’s Voice: Out Like This

Katharine Hepburns VoiceFrom Seattle, we are pleased to bring you Katharine Hepburn’s Voice, two very close friends (D.W. Burnam & Shannon Perry) who came together to form their ‘band’ after being in a previous music project called “Dalmations”. Dabbling in a variety of sounds, they apparently don’t like to be tied down to any one genre and are basically happy to make whatever kind of music they feel like creating from song to song.

“Out Like This” is a stunning piano laced piece, albeit short, that leads into a powerful chorus, making the last message ring with a somewhat sad yet uplifting finality. I’ve included the video as well below, and you can pick this up on their debut 10 song ’07 release Unlimited Nights and Weekends, or grab it for free at their MySpace page. [cs]