IR: 155 – Taking Flight

Following on from Charles’ successful marine adventure last Episode 154 of Insomnia Radio, this time we take to the air for a short flight, the duration of which will be around 45 minutes, and during which the In Flight Entertainment will be some of The Best Music You’ve Never heard. So please make sure that your seat back is in the upright position, and your seatbelt is fastened.

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What’s in this episode

  • The Handcuffs – Jet Baby
  • Oranger – A View of the City From an Airplane
  • Nine Inch Nails – Lights in the Sky
  • Ghosts of California – Airplane Window
  • Shawn Harris – Don’t You Know
  • VIR – I Get It
  • Low of the Low – Stone Survivor
  • The Camaro Brothers – Black Camaro
  • Corey TuT – Everything
  • Music Bed: Inspired Funk – A Brand New Dub
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    Song List and Links:

    Chicago, IL The Handcuffs Jet Baby
    Album: Model for a Revolution (2008)
    LinksMyspace | 
    San Francisco, CA Oranger A View of the City From an Airplane
    Album: The Quiet Vibrationland (2000)
    LinksMyspace | 
    Los Angeles, CA Nine Inch Nails Lights in the Sky
    Album: The Slip (2008)
    Buy: No!
    LinksMyspace | | Download Album Free
    San Francisco & Sacramento, CA Ghosts of California Airplane Window
    Album: Are You Alive (2006)
    BuyMySpace/Google Checkout
    Apopka, Fl Shawn Harris Don’t You Know
    Album: Temptation (2007)
    LinksMyspace | 
    San Francisco, CA VIR I Get It
    Album: Shadow of a Mountain (2008)
    Buy: Album out 12 June
    LinksMyspace | 
    Chicago, IL Low of the Low Stone Survivor
    Album: Land of Lincoln (2008)
    Buy: Album out 5 September
    LinksMyspace | – coming soon 
    Detroit, Mi The Camaro Brothers Black Camaro
    Album: Freedomland (2007)
    BuyCD Baby
    LinksMyspace | – coming soon 
    New York, NY Corey TuT Everything
    Album: Everything (2008)
    LinksMyspace | 
    Woking, UK Inspired Funk A Brand New Dub
    Album: Living in Awe (2008)
    LinksMyspace | – coming soon