IR: The SoCal Sessions #23 – FM Restraining Order

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IR: SoCal #23I’m sorry FM… but I don’t want to get back together!!

I gave up on us a long ago after a lifetime of unannounced program changes and undelivered phone-in requests. You need to stop hounding me with your incessant repeating whiny musical cycles and inane banter, not to mention following me around the city in my car. The worst was when you changed personalities and played commercial dance music for a year straight. I’ve now filed a restraining order to keep you and your antiquated medium away for good.

Where did all it go wrong FM? Will you ever had anything intelligible to say, and will I always have to wait until odd hours for anything good to come out of my speakers? I often felt you only were relegating key content to those random hours just to string me along and make you look better. I loved your occasional community spirit and NPR ways, but it became next to impossible to wade through the morass of advertisements, and corall your goddamn morning zoo. I don’t know about you, but for me this is the clearest channel for making my voice heard.

I now have multiple partners who are always there when I need them, and I can pick and choose where they are from regionally at will. I’m no longer confined to one stale market. Not all are professionals, but they have loads of independent friends that they bring along for sessions as well.

Just look at all these damn fine local specimens below that I brought this time FM. Hell yeah, hot:

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1) The Black Watch – Steve Albini (clip) | itunes
2) Esquimaux – Dosvidanya | itunes
3) The Black Watch – Icing the Snow Queen
4) The Weepies – Hideaway | e-music
5) Pic Vicious – L.A. Dreamer
6) Chase Frank – Some Friend You Are | snocap
7) The Ruse – Beautiful is Gone
8 ) Fuji Minx – But No No No | e-music
9) Matt Ellis – Hey Mr. | itunes
10) The Muslims – Bright Side
11) Kaitlyn Anderson – So Much Better
12) Faded Paper Figures – I Fell Off My Name
13) The Orphan Factory – A Liar and a Thief
14) Mighty Six Ninety – Mistakes Like These | itunes

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