Monareta: Matanza Funk

Monareta¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo! ¡Esto es Monareta!

Born in Colombia South America, Monareta‘s medley has been active since the year 2000, when composer and producer Andres Martnez started playing break beats and hip hop flows in different clubs and electronic music festivals in Bogota with composer Camilo Sanabria. Since their high school years they’ve been interacting with different music projects such as punk band YURI GAGARIN (MTM), where Martinez was frontman and funk band Zigma (BMG), where Sanabria was keyboard player and music programmer.

Besides doing music, both were BMX champions in their country; Sanabria a professional sportsman; Martinez a street bike improviser. Both went together to the same primary school, the same high school, same university, same music and arts department, and know they’re involved in this adventure of caribbean electroniche and negroclash sounds.

The duo is on Nacional Records, a premiere label specializing in some of the most cutting edge latin sounds I’ve found thus far. This track is Monareta’s release ‘Electronoche’.

It’s 8 o-clock. He is at home. He is sitting at his desk. He is heading to e-music on his computer…