How to Win at Life: Peak of My Physical Beauty

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How To Win at LifeTodays inspiring new artist rumbles in off Van Nuys Blvd., whipping off potshots of soul-tinged rock, delivering the theme track for your life from atop their funky chariot, and driving a straight line through the arena obstacle course of Jump (Little Children), Stevie Wonder, Bill Withers, and Queen similarities … upending all the old musical gladiators in their path. [cs]

Come and get it all right here, right now! This is music for the celebration, the tragedy, the coronation, the beheading, the first coos of romance and for the tearful breakup. This is music for the orgy, for the fast, for the treadmill, for the ascent, for the comedown, for the voyage of the free man and for the kids in the sweatshop. This is music for the icy slap and the gentle caress, for babymaking, euthanasia, barfights, handshakes, chaos, tranquility, friendship, betrayal, and for the birth and eventual ending of all things. This is music for the sluggish, monotonous, apparent meaninglessness of the day, and for the terrible question that hammers you into sweet unconsciousness at night. Make no excuses! We are the beautiful and the ugly, and this we give to you! [HtWaL]

If you like this song, we have thirteen more tracks from a variety of quality Southern California artists you can sample at Insomnia’s The SoCal Sessions newest episode (#22 – “Sun’s Last Drops), from where this How to Win at Life track was pulled. Also, if you get a chance, check out their Monty Python inspired website! [cs]

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