Insomnia Radio #154: Sea Chanteys of the Submariner

Submariner ScourgeAfter a two month turbulent voyage, we believe we’ve located a safespot to service the battle-scarred Insomnia Submariner, and have surfaced to bring you some chanteys from the musicians we’ve collected along our voyage while we conduct repairs.

This new episode continues somewhat where Jason left off in his final all instrumental offering; at least the first track by Saskatchewan outfit, Geronimo whom lead us into the rest of the quality mixed tracks we’ve discovered in our recent travels.

Shows will resume on a 1-2 week schedule with a few rotating regional hosts bringing you new content. Also, the Daily Dose feed is now live again with featured content pumping through the engines seven days a week, keeping us all motoring along. You can subscribe at Feedburner and on iTunes as well. We are about a week in at this point. Also, keep eye out for our regional shows as well!

If you are looking for Jason, he will be returning to podcasting, but as part of a new mixed media project he’s developing at the link farther below.


From out of the depths, its:

1) Geronimo – A Post 9/11 Instrumental
2) The Royal Heist – Lips Tool
3) Firewater – This is My Life
4) The Secret 6 – Familiar
5) The Brother Kite – Get on Me
6) Doug Burr – In the Garden
7) Meiko – How Lucky We Are
8 ) Fanfarlo – Fire Escape
9) Born in the Flood – Anthem
10) Agents of the Sun – Therapy
11) Adele – Hometown Glory

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