Indignant – Get it Done

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After spending the last couple of years hustling it out
in rehearsal studios and rock clubs throughout the
Midwest, Indignant has arrived as a 5 piece band
dead set on the revival of music that’s both informed
& instructed by the swagger of classic rock and the
energy of punk.

To Indignant, there’s something incredibly life-affirming
in the sound of telecaster riffs racing out of a tube
amp that are in turn woven dexterously with fiery leads,
drums that sound like canons firing from the riser, keys
that complement the rock with a punchy roll, the dirty
wail of a harmonica, howling vocals and a bass line that
keeps the whole flying wreck together. This is the sound
of Indignant – and it sounds like rock ‘n’ roll.

The result is something like sending the Black Crowes
on a bender with the gents in Social Distortion –
driving, melodic yet riffy and a whole hell of a lot of fun.

Artist Indignant
Track Get it Done
Album What Is & What Was

Daily Dose-Indignant-Get it Done mp3