Bodog Wildcard / Hoodie Giveaway

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Building a Better SpaceshipAlright. Here’s the deal. None of the bands in the Southern California region made it to the World Grand Finale in the
BodogBattle. All of these bands however do still have the chance to advance through Wildcard voting on the Bodog website.

Two slots are open for bands to advance in a chance to win a million dollar contract and to supposedly receive facetime on a reality tv show.

While I normally wouldn’t advocate random voting in online contests, I feel a little jilted after manning five six-hour judging events in where none of the groups from our area advanced. I guess it goes with the territory and anything can happen…but..

Letters BurningHere’s where you come in. If you are interested you can log-into the Bodog site and vote once a day to help two of the following local groups move forward. These are all groups you may be familiar with as we’ve played them on IR: SoCal in the past several months. Bands can be voted for from their individual pages between April 1st and April 30th. Winners will be announced May 4th.

Cry Havoc
Building a Better Spaceship
Out of State
Paper Thin Walls
Letters Burning
Lo Mass Republic

If you do vote, let me know and I’ll enter you into the running for a new small-sized smoke-free Bodog Battle hooded sweatshirt (runs more into medium size). Just send me a quick note to the e-mail charles (at) insomniaradio (dot) net if interested and I’ll have a draw a name later in the month closer to April 30th.

Bodog Sweatshirt