IR: SoCal Mixed Double Shot – Horrorpops / Devil Doll

Devil DollOpening up our newest mixed shot comes LA’s Horrorpops, whom are Denmark reared and currently gearing up to blaze a trail across the United States with their third release, “Kiss Kiss Kill Kill”. There’s no doubt they’ll be packing a pistol-full of psychobilly hellfire that will be unleashed sixfold at their upcoming showdate in Austin, Texas for SXSW.

Following the Horrorpops comes two mixed tracks from Cleveland bred, Colleen Duffy, whom CD Baby describes as a sultry mix of Jessica Rabbit and Joan Jett; sexy torch jazz fused with punk rock. Her newest release “The Return of Eve” came out last year, and she will unfurl the rockabilly banner across the nation over the next few months.

If you can handle it, Horrorpops fires off a final multi-colored strobe, in their 80’s tale of spandex, fluffed hair, and Brett Michaels of Poison.



1) Horrorpops – Thelma & Louise | amazon
2) Devil Doll – Doreen | cdbaby
3) Devil Doll – The One Who Got Away | cdbaby
4) Horrorpops – Heading for the Disco | amazon