IR: SoCal – Local Bodog Battle Preview

Welcome to a special edition of Insomnia SoCal. Today’s piece brings us a small sampling of performers auditioning at the Bodog Battle of the Bands coming here to the Southland over the next two weeks, with first round stops in LA and Orange Counties as well as San Diego.

Insomnia SoCal will be at Bodog’s show at The Joint on Oct 30th, Nov 1st, and 4th, so drop in and watch some of the battles with me as well as with a few friends of the show. Apparenly the bands are vying for a $1 million dollar recording contract and lots of face time on Bodog’s reality show on Fuse TV.



1) Paper Thin Walls – Light Bright
2) Letters Burning – California Song
3) Out of State – Carry the Flag
4) Run Doris Run – Bonjour Bonjour
5) Building a Better Spaceship – Velvet

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