IR: The SoCal Sessions – Road Trip: Florida!

Our session this week takes us a quick sleep deprived, coffee fueled virtual road trip to the state of Florida, where two prolific music shows are quickly uncovering and featuring some of the nations best artists.

Marci Brinker at Insomnia Radio: Orlando just celebrated her one year anniversary at the controls just recently, and has been highlighting such incredible Florida based artists like The Oaks and Timothy Simpson.

The TLP is a new show outside the network, also in Florida… led by the trio of Leo, David, and the elusive mysterious Miguel de la TLP. Check out their interview with Vega Under Fire at the tail end of the show.

Hope you enjoyed our version of Florida Pride Night. See you back in California soon as things are starting to heat up.


1) The Oaks – My Heart is Weighed and Found Wanting, Kabul | cd | snocap
2) Timothy Simpson – The New Year | cd | itunes
3) MiniTLP 001 – Vega Under Fire – September | cd

The TLP: Scenes Behind Scenes
Tim/Matt from the Oaks
Global Hope Network
Mofro (Soundbed)
Shak Nasti (Soundbed)