IR: The SoCal Sessions 15 – Come on Vacation, Leave on Probation

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Dear listener,

Due to some unexplained technical sabotage, we had to scrub our listener’s choice classic opera and romantic standards program, unfortunately funded by you, our Opera Gold Club VIP members.

In its place we bring you the next best thing: twelve tracks of Southern California hip-hop ready to audibly slap you about the head for the next hour as a reward for funding such an aberration.

In all seriousness, we’ve got some great intelligent tracks lined up. While I’m not
a self-proclaimed expert on the genre I do enjoy listening to a wide variety of music, so figured you might enjoy a break from the rock for just a bit.

As far as my introduction to the genre, well… it was probably around ’85 or ’86 when a portion of my older brother’s listening habits (LL Cool J/Whodini/LA Dream Team), and stories (the Run DMC riot in Long Beach) rubbed off on me to some degree.

Anyway, I’ve searched far and wide for the following artists and I hope you enjoy all the tracks we have today. We’d love to hear any statements of how or when you started listening to the genre, if so inclined. Also, please support an artist or three if you like what you hear. They’d love to hear from you.

(slight correction in session: electronica show will be in late August or early Sept.)


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1) Nine:Fifteen – Freak Out | e-music
2) Pigeon John – Freaks! Freaks! | e-music
3) BTD – Hopscotch | store
4) Shane Hunter – Effigy | cd | itunes
5) Awol One & Factor – Alpha Omegatron | e-music
6) Jadox – It Does Not Compute (feat. Mane Azeem) | itunes
7) Z-Trip – Rockstar | e-music
8 ) Saul Williams – Black Stacey | itunes
9) The Box – Hold On
10) Delinquent Habits – Blow the Horn (feat. Ozomatli) | e-music
11) Dislocated Boner – Murphy’s Law | cd | snocap
12) Rachel Kann – If I Could Be Your | cd | itunes

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