IR: The SoCal Sessions #12 – Light After Dark

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Starting us off on an eerie welcoming note, the ‘Mississippi Mudsharks’ rise again with a darkly polished new album of originals, and lead the charge from the Devil’s Road toward LA. This is where we find the incredible solo artistry of local author ‘Henry Baum’ with his project ‘Ash Tree’, as well as the indie lounge musings of ‘Ren Stewart’ and her incredible backing band. Check out the violin work and what sounds like sultry xylophones.

Next, three of LA’s best kept secrets, ‘The Weather Underground’, ‘The Black Watch’, and ‘Moving to France’ will no doubt blast your senses and make you clambor towards their websites looking for a longer rock fix. Advice: Succumb to your desires.

‘Killola’ finishes up their 10 day England tour and returns to the US victorious in satisfying the masses across the pond, while Eloise works on their debut album and help stave off our pleading for an advance copy (bringing us to our knees with electric kazoo mastery).

We find ourselves sliding towards summer with the sounds of ‘Willie Herath’ as well as two of the artists he lists as influences, ‘The Mother Hips’ & ‘Don McCloskey’ (with backing by California’s gold: ‘Slackstring’). Yes, can you feel it?

A yearbook summer approaches!


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1) Mississippi Mudsharks – Devil’s Road | cd | itunes
2) Ash Tree – Out in the Woods | cd
3) Ren Stewart – Face the Day | snocap
4) The Weather Underground – Illumination | cd | snocap
5) The Black Watch – Blue Umbrella | itunes
6) Moving to France – The Boom Boom Sound | snocap | store
7) Killola – I Don’t Know Who | itunes
8 ) Eloise – Substitute
9) Willie Herath – Sticky Flip Flop | store | itunes
10) *The Mother Hips – TGIM | e-music
11) Slackstring – Return of the D (feat. *Don McCloskey) (live) | cd | itunes

*Out of area experience

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