IR Orlando #16: Post*Records Extravaganza

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Post*Records was formed in the late summer of 2004, but the first official release didn’t come out until February of 2005. Now they have close to a dozen artists, and over a dozen releases available, including a compilation CD ‘Post*Records & Friends present: Olé!’ (available for $8). It includes songs from Post*Records and friends featuring The Punching Contest, The Wynn Brothers, Derek Lyn Plastic, Dodger, Yip Yip, Summerbirds in the Cellar, Pardon My Carbon, Mumpsy, The Band of the Name, Watch Me Disappear, Kingsbury, Sean Moore, The Heathens, Danny Feedback, Dirt McCoy & The Trailer Park Refugees, Très Bien, Jason Choi, The Ocean Floor, The Swirling Bees, The Bad Spellers, Bob on Blonde, and many others.

1. EVIL Ballerina
This is the all-girl band that sparked the birth of Post*Records.

2. Mumpsy
‘The Emperor’
They have numerous upcoming shows listed on their MySpace page, most notably their upcoming CD release party at BackBooth on April 10 for the ‘3 People’ release. ‘3 People’ is a concept mini-album about the lives of 3 very different fictitious characters living in Iowa. Mumpsy’s debut album ‘The Exuberance of Peachtree’ is also available at the Post*Records store. In May, they will be part of the ‘Three Bands in a Van’ tour with Sean Moore and Dodger, all around the eastern U.S.

3. The Heathens
‘Busy Nights at the Meatmarket’The Heathens
Their debut CD ‘Big White House’ is available at the Post*Records store. The Heathens will be appearing at SXSW this month. The music video to ‘Stickin’ Around’ directly by Ben Piety will be screened as part of the SXSW Film Screenings. You can see a preview of the video here:
SXSW Film Screenings
The band includes members Matt Butcher, Chris Rae, Post*Records founder Chris Cucci, and featured solo artist Sean Moore and Mumpsy’s Jeff Ilgenfritz.

4. Sean Moore
‘Visibility Anxiety’
Three and a half years in the making, ‘Signs of Potential Life’ came out on Feb. 20. Sean is also a member of The Heathens, Pardon My Carbon and Dodger, so he is a very busy guy! The wide variety of instruments Sean plays includes: violin (since age 5), French horn, guitar, bass, piano, organ, and trumpet.

5. The Bad Spellers
‘The Ungrateful Sojourn of Nomadic Follicles’
MySpace page
Based in Tokyo, Japan, The Bad Spellers have a brand new release ‘Keep On Shining!’ coming out on March 27. The duo is comprised of members Yasuko and Tony. They have previously released EP available at Post*Records – it’s called ‘Fall in Love’ and was a split release with The London Apartments.

6. Dodger
‘Shiny Knobs’
Dodger has 2 EPs under their belt and are at work on a full-length album. The band includes Heathens’ members Sean Moore and Jeff Ilgenfritz, along with Matt Kamm, Conrad Winslow, and Phil McCombs.

The Band of the Name7. The Band of the Name
‘Really Always on the Changin’ (from the CD ‘Saggin’ the Bargins’)

From the Post*Records website:
‘If we were to attempt to describe this album, we would either end up annoying the band or confusing you…
Suffice to say, if you enjoy The Advantage minus the video game references or Baroque jazzy math rock-ish instrumentals played by guys who sometimes like to dress like dinosaurs, then you’ll probably enjoy this record from one of our favorite bands ever.’ Newest release is ‘Please Step Off The Miracle And Turn To Your Left.’

8. KingsburyKingsbury
MySpace page
If you missed it, you should check out IR Orlando episode 14, which featured 2 songs from Kingsbury’s excellent full-length CD ‘The Great Compromise’ (released in January). They also have 2 previous EPs (‘The Open Sea’ and ‘This Place is Coming Down’), both available at the Post*Records store. Originally formed in Vero Beach, they relocated to Orlando in 2003. Band members are Bruce Reed, T.J. Burke, Mark Freeman, Samantha Christine, and Alexis Hamlin-Vogler.

9. Watch Me Disappear
‘Render’ (from the CD ‘…In the Biblical Sense.’)
Unfortunately, Watch Me Disappear broke up last November.

10. The Punching Contest
‘Ninja Enters Room’ ( from ‘Is My Copilot’)
You may not believe it when you hear this song, but this band was formed as an experiment with an actor and some acoustic musicians. Despite being fans of heavy music, their musical outlets had all been on the folksy side… until The Punching Contest.
This track is courtesy of IODA Promonet
Is My Copilot

Download ‘Ninja Enters Room’ (mp3)
from ‘Is My Copilot’
by The Punching Contest
Post Records

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