IR: The SoCal Sessions #6 – Rocking the Jazzbah

We’ve got an assortment of superb tracks for you in this session, starting with a blast of rock-oxygen from the Kristin Hersh fronted group, 50 Foot Wave, and ending on a jazzy tear jerker, “Yours” from LA muse Sara Gazarek, dedicated to all the Bitter(wo)men Club Members out there.

Continuing onward from the Vena Cava we move forward with the unique vocal harmonies of Agoura Hills resident Beth Garbo singing “The Key”, followed by the firing rock anthem ‘In Your Place’ by LA rock group Immune. Next, four man group, Gertie Fox kindly provides us with an excellent new track, “Dancing on Paper” that’s not even fully unwrapped yet.

Letters Burning, Fight from Above, and Chance come back for the tightest sound check you’ve ever heard as they prepare for their respective rock shows at the Gig in Hollywood, and the Switchblade Kittens prepare us for a Valentines Day Massacre with the electrifying sounds of their Bassola, Bassorama, and the funkily spelled Drumbass. Meow.


1) 50 Foot Wave: Vena Cava | free album
2) Jet Across Belgium: The Key
3) Immune: In Your Place | cd baby | e-music
4) Gertie Fox: Dancing on Paper | e-card
5) Letters Burning: Each Day That Passes By
6) Fight from Above: Lines in the Sky
7) Chance: Life & Life Only (feat. The Choir) | buy
8 ) IR News Special: The Rewinds
9) Switchblade Kittens: Magic Cat | cdbaby | itunes
10) Sara Gazarek: Yours | cd | e-music

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