Insomnia Radio #109: Melancholy November II

Running Time 36 minutes | WorkSafe

Hey gang – your sleep deprived host is getting a bit of the nasty winter ills, so enjoy an episode full of mellow and melancholy music, with a sharp reduction on the chit chat side. These are some of my recent favorites, and I hope you love them as well. A note on shownotes: I will now start linking to both iTunes and eMusic when available.



Worthy Shouts:

  • Colin & JP @ LiveWire Recordings
  • Corey, Marisol & The Promonet Crew
  • Jamal of Blame Amy for the immortal IR Theme Song
  • Charles (upcoming IR: SoCal Sessions)
  • Jill, our quality filter and all around kick ass girl

Stay subscribed, as the next few months are going to see the (long delayed) resurrection of ResonateTV (it will feature exclusive content from quality record labels around the globe), + IR Detroit, IR Chicago, IR New Zealand, and a new addition to THIS Insomnia Radio called “The Spotlight.” And a gigantic contest. Or two.