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Insomnia Radio: New York #4 – Mystery Meat

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Author: Ren)
(Date Submitted: 8/17/2006)

After an unexpected and unavoidable hiatus, IR:NY returns with a slightly tweaked playlist format, as well as a newly appointed Quasi-Evil Overlord [which simply is a must for any Benevolent Despot]!

I’m oh so very sorry to have been MIA, rocklings, but since this is a total labor of love for me, I’m afraid that there will be times where I simply lack the time and/or energy to produce a quality show – and you deserve a quality show. [Being unable to pay my bills simply isn’t an acceptable option.]

Instead of an indefinitely dead content stream, though, my dear friend Sean White [aka the Nefarious Bovine of the delightfully rambling Nefarious Bovine Radio Podcast] will step-in and give you the goods, as only my Second-in-Command could!

Episode #4 is chock-full of tracks of his choosing. [Well, I chose ‘My Ex-Wife’ but I digress.]

While we may periodically be co-host cohorts, I’ll remain your primary guide and Sean shall be the able-and-amiable substitute. For this show, however, you shall be subjected to the inanity that ensues when he and I get together… like discussing the Star Wars Holiday Special and other absurdities.


The Awesome

MakarI Hate My Job
99 Cent Dreams [Buy it!]
[MySpace page]

Makar is a 15th century Scottish term meaning ‘poet’. It’s also the name of a dark and groovy, acoustic guitar and piano driven, little indie band from New York City. All of Makar wants to give up their day jobs – happily and ecstatically – so they can write and play music all day every day. After all, writing a song like ‘I Hate My Job’ is not just a coincidence.

ATOMIC TOMMovie Screens & Magazines
Anthems For The Disillusioned[Buy it @ CD Baby!] or [Buy it @ iTunes!]
[MySpace page]

Atomic Tom is fed and watered by Luke White. While pursuing his personal obsession with Star Wars actresses, he’s amassed an array of minor triumphs as a musician and entertainer. Born in Virginia to a local jazzman and an Italian-American political activist, Luke mastered guitar + keys + drums at an obscenely young age and went on to study at the prestigious Berklee College of Music. Currently, he lives in Brooklyn with actress Megan Manzi and a plastic figurine of Queen Amidala.

[Double Shot]

Doll HospitalMan In The Middle || My Ex-Wife
Doll Hospital [Buy it @ CD Baby!] or [Buy it @ Amazon!]
[MySpace page]

Noir swing story-songs, filled with black humor and flailing vibraphone mallets, sung by an unusual girl, Doll Hospital is the vaguely malformed brainchild of downtown NYC music-scene mainstay Heather Eatman. Featuring Heather on arch-top guitar and vocals, Nick Mancini on vibraphone, Andrew Burns on drums and Jim Whitney on string bass, this tiny wayward orchestra takes us on a swinging tour of the fevered mind of a songwriter who loves Raymond Chandler as much as Raymond Scott.

There is simply NO WAY that I couldn’t love this stuff, rocklings. So much so that this is the current front-runner for my fave album of 2006.

RalissThe Piano Song
Electro[Buy it @ iTunes!]
[MySpace page]

This track by Raliss is Sean’s pick for closing out the show. With songs inspired by true stories comprised mostly of broken hearts and ironic twists, singer-songwriter Dan and guitarist-songwriter Dugans are joined by player x on bass and player y on drums. Despite the song’s title, there is a distinct lack of piano but no dearth of guitar. We don’t mind, though. We like guitar.

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